Maths is super cool


WHY MATHS IS FUN... for me (:.:

SOOOOOOOOOO many people hate maths...? WHY? People dont like maths because it wasn't well... that's Really sad. Did you know that only 26% thats like that like 1/3.8461538462... of all american children who are fluent/decent enough in maths :'(! Thats just sad.... But anyway I wrote this to show you why I LOVE math and quantum physics... lel ;). but my topic is about maths sor I have Infinite/appha nul/omegeomega... reasons but I came to share 1 so here we go.

  1. There are endless possabilites in Math and Quantum. its the unknow which I love about Math and without calculus we wouldn't know anything about the world. Intergration, dDrivative, and the Limit
  2. There are endless possibilaties. Thats why math is amazing! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Its the subject the world revolves around.And it's super challenging and fun like calculus and Quantum physics
  4. It is my favorite subject...Obiously...LOL
:) Free Ice Cream :) Some High School Math
  1. These are some other topics I like:
  2. Astronomy
  3. Science
  4. And pretty much everything else

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